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Company Information


Oy Finnflame Ab is 100% domestically owned and belong to the highest AAA credit rating, so we have a solid financial foundation of our efforts.


Imported products are resale mainly in a nationwide dealer network. Retailers include all the major national chain stores, hardware stores, as well as smaller regional retailers and online stores.


Oy Finnflame Ab's head office and distribution is located in Espoo, Finland. Our facilities hold a modern conference and exhibition space, where we will be able to serve retail and wholesale customers quickly and efficiently. We have a full range of our products in our facilities. Customers have access to all our products during negotiations to ease up their decisions.

We have our e-commerce store Tulikulma in the same facilities. The store holds a different selection of leisure and home products, such as grills, heaters, gas cookers, stoves, wood stoves, as well as various fire safety products such as fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and fire blankets.

All consumer purchases only online shop.



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